Monday, 25 July 2011

I have to show you my personal portrait miniature...

2.5 x 3.4 cm

This necklace I designed and made over a year ago.  I wear it almost everyday.  It is of my Nan, 'Elsie May'.

This is hard to photograph well, and you cannot see the delicate detail work, but trust me, in the flesh it looks good and very much like my Nan.

Such a necklace can be commissioned and make the perfect gift for a loved one.

Tomorrow I am going to meet with a customer who has requested that I paint here father.  Last year he passed and his daughter has asked that I paint him and make her a necklace.  She is getting married next month and will be wearing the necklace on the day.

This is such an honour from my perspective.  If I can bring an ounce of comfort to her on that day, by having her dad close to her heart, that is what makes painting portrait miniatures priceless for me.

Thank you for reading and I will post more updates again soon when I start the next portrait miniature.

(photo below of my last miniature)