Friday, 12 August 2011

Father - A Portrait Miniature

In June this year, I took part at the 'farmers/craft market' at Rougham Airfield, in Suffolk.

Whilst there, I met a lovely young lady who was selling children books.  The day was uneventful regarding customers, so we kept each other company and talked about an array of things.

From this we started talking about my miniature paintings and Naomi loved the necklace that I was wearing of my nan, Elsie May.  She mentioned that in August this year she was getting married and would love to have one painted of her father, who sadly passed away last year.  Naomi said, that she would like to wear the necklace for her wedding day.

No pressure!

I normally scan the portrait in at different stages, so that you can see its progress.. but I had completed the portrait within 10-12 hours, so didn't see much point in turning the computer on and off every 2 hours.

This portrait was a joy to paint, even at times a little sad.  I know how much my pendant means to me, and I know how much it is going to mean to Naomi.  These pendants make your heart jump and pull a really strong emotional string.

I am going to meet Naomi later today to give it to her... 

I hope she likes it :)

But from a more 'artistic' perspective, I like to paint miniatures with a more contemporary feel. I like certain features to be more 'punchy', the hair to be loose and for the fabric to be 'bold'.

Thank you for reading...

I will now resume my portrait miniature painting for Nikko and show you the picture for that next week :)