Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Royal Wedding Mugs and Plates - Ipswich Suffolk Food Hall

On the weekend, I had a sudden brain wave... to create a mug and plate design as a commemorative gift, regarding the Royal Wedding.  I couldn't possibly pass up on the opportunity, to be involved with such a British event!

So, I got to work drawing up some designs and created the following... (I took these photographs in my garden this morning, what a lovely day).

Each mug and plate is individually hand drawn on, by myself.

These mugs and plates are for sale at 'The Suffolk Food Hall' in Ipswich.  They are £5 each and for each item bought £2.50 will be donated to 'Cancer Campaign in Suffolk'.  I am a volunteer for Cancer Campaign and like to help where possible.  I am also aware that Kate and William have requested, that instead of gifts, for people to make donations to charity.

I feel this goes hand in hand, very well and what better way to celebrate the Royal Wedding with a bespoke mug with some British tea and a lovely cake on a unique themed plate.


Sid also had to get involved :)

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  1. Neat idea, and I love your design on these! Best wishes with this project.