Monday, 21 February 2011

A Cold Weekend in Suffolk

Yesterday I spent the day browsing through some of my favourite locations in Suffolk....

Started the day at Pin Mill, having a gorgeous Sunday lunch at the pub. The 'steak and ale pie' is a must!

After siting by the fire and eating lunch, gazing out onto the river, I took a trip up to 'Snape Maltings'. I thoroughly enjoy browsing through the 'cute' and unique items they have on display, plus looking at the local artwork for sale in the gallery. Glynn Thomas is still my favourite local artist by far.

Whilst at Snape, I went into the local antique centre to look at the random treasures they sell. I was unaware of how many miniature frames they had available... To which I spotted this... A glass cased locket.

I love it so much and cant wait to paint a miniature to place within it.  I think a portrait of my nan would look great, if not, I might try to replicate an Elizabeth I portrait for my own amusement.

After leaving Snape with my new treasure in my purse, I took a quick trip to Aldeburgh... In 2009 I painted a 3 meter long, shop sign for Never Ever, this was a beast to paint and quite the contrast to my delicate portrait miniatures!  This sign took 3 solid days to paint between drying times and I used gloss with thinners. I really enjoyed painting this sign and it made me very happy to still see it standing strong in Aldeburgh through all those wild weather days.

Recently I have been trying to focus on one style of art, but am struggling greatly as I can create a variety of styles, from portraits, to illustrations, abstract canvas work and all keep colliding in my head... But last night I spoke with my dad and through his wise words said;

"You can be a Jack of all trades, but a master of none".

Thats something to keep in mind.

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