Saturday, 5 February 2011

Illness, Progression and a Commission or Two?

So yesterday was interesting...

I got the job I wanted, which is fab news, now I can put some of my earnings towards my venture of painting miniatures and buying more 'stock'... Yes, there is a lot more to painting miniatures within its conventional form... wait for website and see what's in store!  I think many people will be interested in what I can offer. Its unique and truly beautiful... I love the one I have made for myself and is regularly by my side.

I am still getting to grips with this 'blog'.  My computer has a virus (I think) or, is on its last legs... As I am currently unable to add pictures to my blog or adjust the 'design layout' to my blog, without my computer crashing.  Its driving me crazy but I'll get it sorted and hopefully by the end of March I will be able to buy an 'apple mac'!! YAY

Yesterday my miniature frames arrived, along with my 'Bill Mundy' book... Its a gorgeous book, and his ability to paint miniature is outstanding! I wish, wish so much that one day, I will be able to paint as good as him.

I have started to think of my subject for the 'Royal Academy - Summer Exhibition 2011'.  I am going to paint a miniature, but it has to be of interest or of someone who has either inspired me, be interesting to paint and be pleasant to view, as a painting.  Any idea's?  I'm thinking of a tattooed person, but may seem a little cliche, as so many people are doing 'odd' illustrations at the moment of the tattoo culture.  I don't know, I have a few more weeks to decide and then its time to crack on.

On a fabulous plus side, I may have just received another commission, to paint two young ladies as a gift for their mother, on mothers day. How exciting!  I'm currently awaiting two quotes from my suppliers on a frame and then the deal may be sealed.  I cant wait!  I would love to paint them, as their complexion is very soft and painting so delicately is very challenging.

Today is very windy, but I must progress with plans and artwork.  Also make a new list of 'TO DO'... With the website being very high on that list!

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