Monday, 28 February 2011

Treasures Found and Paintings...

On Saturday morning I woke very early and had an overwhelming craving to paint. I managed to get around 4 hours completed on the background for the portrait miniature of 'Smartie'.
I have uploaded the same two pictures from Saturday, just so that you can see what I'm discussing...

These images are scanned in, so the quality is not high, nevertheless you can see from the painting the hundreds and hundreds of paint strokes that build up the layers of paint. I estimated, that I can get around 80 strokes from one load of paint on the brush, BUT these '80 strokes' only cover a tiny amount of space... look closely to the image to see my point! (No pun intended).

I am very pleased with how this is turning out, with my brushes, warm heating and Bill Mundy book by my side as reference, I look forward to continuing this portrait this week.

I have also mentioned recently that I've applied to the 'Royal Academy - Summer Exhibtion'. I will be ordering a frame this week and also hope to start painting this weekend...

In terms of a subject matter I have found it difficult, staying traditional?? Or going with the new modern wave of how portraits are taken... a quick snap shot held above the head, pouting with your closest friend?? This is something I often do with my friends and feel it represents how portraits are developing within society, it may not be 'traditional' but it is very current in terms of style and the 'celebrity culture'

Above is the picture I wish to paint. It is of my close friend Dasha and me at a nightclub, on our last night out together before she went travelling to the Far East. I miss her a lot and the fun times we had together, so want to pay tribute to the 'off the cuff' image above. Its loose, amusing and represents what I believe our friendship is about, two girls having fun!

This weekend I painted (as you know) and went to the local boot sale to see what I might be able to buy...

First I found these two Bakelite 1920's/30's wall plaques, and at a steal of £1 each, how could I resist?? I hope to create a cast from these, then with the cast cut out the middle and possible create my own frame for these, with future portrait miniatures.

I also purchased this lovely wooden pine frame at another steal of only £3. It had frosted glass in it (??) and a manky cardboard image with bird poo all down the back, so I took it into the garden and with the pliers carefully took out the randomly placed nails and gave the frame a brush down. I hope to paint this an antique gold or possibly use gold leaf. Eventually I want to take some 'artistic' photographs of my lovely cat, Sid and frame them accordingly :)

That's been my weekend and I will update my blog as soon as more painting is completed.

Thank you for reading.

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