Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Paintings in Progress - Suffolk Art on The Prom

As promised yesterday, I have uploaded a few images of my latest work...

Last night after work I was very tired and also went to the cinema, I had slightly 'back tracked' with my painting in the evening, however I managed to get around 45 minutes in before my eyes started to tire.

From the last image I uploaded of the dog portrait, I had started to paint the background in a very sharp and (in my opinion) 'non belivevable' green.  So I headed down to the local art shop to buy an array of green tones....

Previous (photo)

Current (scan)

I washed out the previous colour very carefully (you can still see remnants of the old green around the edge).  I then continued to do a 'light wash' with the colour I now prefer. Now it is time for the hard work, to create a soft gradient surrounding the subject. I also want to drop a lightly textured effect into the background, (see right side) I think I will still need another 2 - 3 hours on the background alone. Then I will begin to paint 'Smartie'.

Lee (scan)

The portrait miniature I had also started to paint of Lee is now on hold, sometimes you can become so engrossed into a painting that your vision and truth of the image becomes blurred. I will leave it for around 2 more weeks before I resume painting... As I am now starting to see adjustments needed on the portrait, whereas before I didn't. I think this portrait needs around 6 more hours.

On another note I have been trying to get images ready for 'Art on the Prom' - Felixstowe, Suffolk.  This isn't until Sunday 4th September. But last year I sold all my illustrations within a couple of hours and didn't have anything left on show!!  Not good.  This year I hope to have plenty of back up and stock.

Here are a couple of pictures I sent to the 'Art on the Prom' website as a taster (I will also be painting a portrait miniature on the day);

Ipswich University Gate - cut paper and pen
(Henry VIII had university destroyed)

Ice Scream - Ipswich - poster paints and pen
Reminds me of Summer

I have no final message for the day, except from, smelling chips and burgers at 9am on the way to work, is not too pleasant!


  1. Comments hey? Well having zero artistic skill doesn't qualify me for much. But I love your styles. The miniatures are very cool! You need glasses yet? :)

  2. Hello Nigel,

    Thank you, thats very kind of you to say. I don't 'need' glasses just yet, but sometimes I put reading glasses on whilst painting miniatures because I don't want to strain my eyes.

    Thanks for reading my blog :)