Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Suffolk Art Studio and Portrait Miniature Update...

Yesterday evening I managed to get around 1 hour of painting in... I had the equivalent of 'writers block', where my hand and my artistic brain would not connect, so I spent a lot of time planning the image in my head, thinking where to place the paint...

I have started to add extra hair line work to the neck and the ear, I have also added a few hints of black to counteract the balance of the light colours with the dark, this is so important to do!

I have added close detailed images for you to see the hundreds and hundreds of brush strokes better.

As for my studio, it is 6 x 7 ft and I love it, its a little space of heaven, I always keep the heating on in there, door closed, curtains closed, so that it is always ready for me when I have a random urge to paint. I also listen to the radio in there and zone out from the world...


Whilst going through my old 'scans' on the computer I found this image of my old watercolour set that I scanned it, a well loved piece of kit and I thought I would share the image with you.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Hi Victoria, I spotted your blog through our connection with Bill Mundy. I so appreciate the story of your tattoo in memory of your Grandma, Elsie May. I lost my Grandma Conner when I was 22, she was my first art mentor, and perhaps your story is similar to ours in most ways. Although I don't have a tattoo, I wear her blue ring every day as she once did, and I know that our grandmothers are so proud of what we are doing now.

    What a great story about your travels in the U.S. too! I look forward to following your miniature paintings, and this one is off to a great start.

  2. Hello Mona

    Your comment has inspired me to paint more!

    Thank you for your kind words. I'm sorry for your loss regarding your grandma, I wish I had some of my grandma's old jewellery, but due to an evil uncle clearing out her house after her death without consenting with any other family member, I'm afraid he sold all her jewellery and possesions, as he had become the legal owner of the property and all its contents. Its a bitter subject. Nevertheless, onwards and upwards!

    I would love to see a picture of your ring, sounds lovely. I suppose wearing an item which was once theirs or keeping an image of them close to you, inspires you to chase your dreams and stay focused, in memory of them. :)

    Thank you again, I hope to update more this weekend. I looked at your miniature eye paintings and they are beautiful! I would love to try this one day, what a wonderful idea. I read about these from Bill (what an amazing artist!!) and through a gallery in London. How long have you been painting in miniature?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon

    Victoria :)