Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Miniature Painting and Framewerks, Colchester

The past week, has been frantically busy again.
I have had very limited time to paint, but have tried to get a small section painted with every spare minute I can find!
Below shows the progress of the portrait to date...

tiny brush strokes
It still has many hours till completion and over the next few evenings and the whole weekend I hope to have it finished.
When painting so small, you must be completely focused and in the ‘zone’.  Otherwise the painting can be ruined, with the busy week and 6 hour nights of sleep, it has been hard to get into the ‘zone’.
However I hope to crack on with this painting soon, as I can’t wait to pull all these vibrant and strong colours together!

I am also getting this framed on Saturday 26th by ‘Framewerks’ in Colchester, they have been so helpful.  I would seriously recommend their work to any artist looking to get something framed.
I am very glad that they found me on Twitter and contacted me when they did!

Thank you for reading and I hope to update again over the weekend.

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