Friday, 11 March 2011

Weekend Plans for Ipswich Artist

This week has been rather mad at work and in the evenings... researching, painting, finishing emails and trying to sleep!

Nevertheless, I had promised that I would update my blog before the end of the week...

I have painted around one hour on this portrait miniature so far.  I am trying new techniques again, as the paper I'm now using is ‘Smooth Board’ it feels silky smooth to the touch and is extremely considerate to the tiny brush strokes.

I have uploaded a picture of the image before I started painting, with just an acrylic white wash...
I have now begun to add colour to the face, just to keep that’ balance’ I spoke of before.  After I have added a few more skin tones, I will move back on to the background and complete it before resuming the portraits.

I normally get very nervous about sending out images of my work before its finished, I feel it can jinks the painting.  But I’m going to try and overcome this, by keeping my blog up-to-date for your pleasure :)

This weekend I hope to remain calm and paint, I need rest this weekend from the hectic week at work.

So, painting, tidying the house, buying some new music and my Sunday pleasure... boot sales!

Have a good weekend and thanks for reading. :)

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