Monday, 21 March 2011

Portrait Miniature is BRIGHT!

This weekend I have been painting more on the following portrait...

Here are the images I briefly uploaded onto Twitter (E_M_Portraits) yesterday, plus one more image from the work, as I continued in the evening.

Now, I am aware that these colours are VERY bright and almost uncomfortable to look at, but, once I am happy with the overall painting, it will be darkened, but 'low-lights' and 'high-light' being added. I hope to add a great deal of darker shading to this painting, but you must start light and then go darker.

This painting has a lot of work to go, but it will not be this bright when finished!

I have also just seen Bill's blog and realised how new (practically baby) I am into this world of 'portrait miniature painting' nevertheless, he has painted hundreds and this is my 3rd, plus I have no tutor and I think I just need to keep practising and all will fall into place. Sigh*  I also admire his work greatly, but I want to bring a new style to painting miniatures, my own... more illustrative, brighter, newer subject matters etc... I just hope I can make this work!

Thank you again for reading. More updates will follow through the week.

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